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Poster: J.B. Nicholson-Owens Date: Oct 2, 2005 3:31am
Forum: forums Subject: Why bother finding and reporting copyright infringements?

"I'd definitely like to make it as smooth as possible for the moderators! Can you summarize the most efficient way for us "concerned users" to work with them using the procedures you have?"

I'm stuck on a more basic question: why should anyone want to find and report infringing works?

Talking about the mechanics of doing this job without first covering whether the job should be done at all seems to me to put the cart before the horse.

I read the Community Watch page ( but I didn't see anything explain why moderation or policing should be done. It just says that Ourmedia depends on volunteers, members, and users to do it and that by doing the job they will help "protect [their] community". There's a bit about whether it's possible to do community policing, but the "vested interest in policing itself" goes unjustified; the text doesn't say what the community will be protected from, particularly in the context of coming across material that infringes upon someone's copyright.

According to the grandparent post, finding and reporting copyright infringements is hard to do correctly, the number of infringing entries currently hosted on is low, and is in no danger of going away as a result of spending money fighting legal battles. Maybe I'm missing something, but those seem like strong disincentives to anyone putting any effort into finding and reporting copyright infringements, even in instances where the infringement is clear to the layperson (like ripped and encoded tracks from major studio CDs).

Thanks for your time.